Diocese of Allentown Crisis Pastoral Support

Safe Environment Office

Sr. Meg Cole, SSJ 610-332-0442  ext. 19

Office of Education 

Alexandria Cirko 610-866-0581 ext. 3026

IU 14 Crisis Contact
Rodney Good

610-987-8615 (W)
610-996-1178 (H)
  email: rodgoo@berksiu.org

IU 20 Crisis Contact

Paige Maitland -or- Pam Morrow Henriquez

610-515-6554 (School Hours)

Flight Team Coordinator – Nicole Baker

610-865-4270 (H)

610-703-5937 (Cell)

IU21Crisis Contact
Tee Decker

610-769-4111  ext. 1673 or ext. 1086

Danielle Argot
610-769-4111, ext. 1272
Gina Spicknall-Cook
610-769-4111 ext. 1328

IU 29 
Dr. Gregory S. Koons

Executive Director

570-544-9131 ext. 129

email: gkoons@IU29.org

Contact 1st – Debbie Heim 570-516-6126
Contact 2nd – Larissa Russell 570-617-0053

Schulykill County Crisis Hotline  IU 29


Diocese of Allentown Crisis Manual
Crisis Manual by Chapter

Report of Suspected Child Abuse Form CY47
Dual Gate Parent Student Reunification Sample Plan