With some schools moving towards the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journeys Reading program, there has been a request to align our Diocesan Science Standards to literacy publications. Our Diocesan Science Standards still incorporate the Pennsylvania Science & Technology Standards, the K-12 Framework for Science Education, Project 2061, the Core Curriculum for Reading and for Writing in Science, and the processing skills of the Next Generation Science Standards. Therefore, it is no surprise that numerous opportunties were found and are represented in the following alignments to connect reading with science programs.

These documents are a draft that represents alignment springboards. Not all HMH resources of the Journeys program are being implemented, therefore some recommended or supplemental HMH readings may not apply to individual programs. It may also be assumed that those with science teaching backgrounds may see the connections more readily than those without. Please contact the Science Curriculum Committee if you are interested in developing a deeper understanding of the connections being made in these documents or to contribute to these documents.

Currently, the alignments listed here are for grades K-2 only and are based on the chronological order of the reading program as the science program is not linear.

The Diocesan Science Curriculum Committee